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Two minutes would pass before they reached the booth, Carmody thought as he tugged on Elena's wrist, wondering if she was intentionally attempted to slow him down in hope that the barman would jump to her rescue. When they eventually made it, he unashamedly admired the sight of Elena crossing her long, lean legs. The legs he regretted he hadn't been able more time between the previous night.

As Elena spoke, he returned attention to her face, catching the shake of her head and the coolness of her tone reverberating in his ears. Was Elena truly worried that he'd angrily berate her in public, or carry out his prior threat to fire her?@ He'd dismissed that possibility the second he'd realised that she possessed a valid excuse for walking out …show more content…

Not in words that she could use him again. Instead, he placed his hand on the table, and began to rise from his seat, conversation over, however, before he made it, her Barbie comment drew a laugh and he was drawn back in by the nice view of cleavage provided as she leaned over the table. "Maybe I am, Elena, but then Barbie doesn't charge $1,000 an hour, she gives it away for free." Brett winked and prepared to leave again, before his face suddenly paled, and his posture stiffened.

"Fuck." From the corner of his eye, he'd captured the aforementioned Barbie storming in his direction, although at that moment, she appeared more like GI Jane, armed not with a gun, but a glass of red-wine. Brett looked for an escape route, but it was too late. Two seconds later, his blue Van Heusen shirt took on a crimson hue and scarlet fluid dripped from his face.

"Enjoy your night. Knew I shouldn't trust a banker. Fucking asshole."

Victoria's spat the words out at him, then turned her scorn to Elena, appraising her with the type of look with which only a woman can appraise a female rival. "Vera Wang." Scoffingly spoken as if there could be no greater insult. "You deserve each other.."

By the time Brett collected a napkin, wiped his cheeks clean of the dripping fluid and cleared his vision, the brief altercation was

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