Essay On Farm House Skit

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I want to start off by saying that the “skit” performed by some of the Farm House members at their Halloween party was lame, cringey, and unimpressive. Nonetheless, I was not offended considering that I myself am Mexican-American. We can all agree that the skit was not the best idea by the boys, but the guys should not have to undergo such a big repercussion for their controversial actions. In defense of Farm House, the boys are young and stupid; one cannot simply expect young people to make the right choices every single time. The Farm House incident escalated so much that there had to be a town meeting about it. I personally do not think the video was as disturbing as a majority of students take it as. I was at the party early before …show more content…

If students want to rename the building, then they should also throw out all of Mark Twain’s works because he had ties to the confederacy. My point is that some things are just historic, and if they are not hurting people then they should just be left alone. I can see how some people took the video as offensive. Like I said earlier, the skit was not their brightest idea. I think that nowadays people try so hard to get offended by something. The guys should get some type of punishment; maybe a semester of probation or something, but certainly not expel the guys involved in the skit. Expelling the students would not accomplish anything other than giving the offended people some type of senseless satisfaction. If they really felt offended by such a joke they should try to make them understand their disapproval by some other means then by sending death threats as said by SGA president Ashlii Morris, “SGA president said they (Farm House members) have received death threats in the days following the video’s release.” I think when someone threatens a person’s life they should be met with appropriate action. What is the University of Troy doing to investigate the people making the death threats? In conclusion, I do not feel like the skit was as big of a deal as Troy students are making it out to be. Of course, the skit was not hilarious, instead it

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