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Feral Hogs and their Impact on the Missouri Ecosystem When the topic of environmental problems is brought up in social circles, the issues that usually come to mind would be air pollution and the search for alternative energy; however, there is one issue that is becoming prevalent in a multitude of states including Missouri is the problem of the invasive nature of feral hogs. This paper will discuss the prevalence and disruption of Missouri habitats by these hogs. In addition to providing vital information on the topic, the paper will propose a possible solution for this problem. However, before a solution can be presented, one must be informed of the people who are directly affected by this environmental issue. This invasive species affects much of those in rural communities. Some of the stakeholders that are involved with this problem are farmers both small town and commercial, conservation workers, nature enthusiasts, and non-farming citizens of these communities. The damage feral hogs can do to land is vast. As stated in the article, Feral Hogs in Missouri, “A social group of ten hogs can destroy 20-30 acres overnight, including crops, causing …show more content…

These creatures specifically prefer have environments such as small springs to splash around and wade in (Martensen, par. 6); however, they tend to live in dry glade areas. This ecosystem consists of a wide variety of abiotic and biotic features. The abiotic features of glades generally consist of little soil content, high amounts of bedrock, and annual average rainfall amounts around 42 inches (“Outline: Missouri Ecosystems, par. 2). In terms of biotic features, the glades holds a variety of reptiles, insects, forbs, and grasses (“Outline: Missouri Ecosystems, par. 2-3). In terms of their direct effects to their respective ecosystems, there is a large impact on most of the ecosystem’s energy

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