Essay On Feudal Japan

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After a grueling journey to Feudal Japan, the time period in Japan, which lasted from 1185 to 1603 A.D., Dr. Isaac Johnson returned to the present to tell the public about his splendiferous adventure into the past. Dr. Isaac Johnson is currently 33 years-old, which is considerably young for his profession. He was born on March 12, 2003 in Houston, Texas. He has a doctorate in history from Harvard University. He has been time traveling for about ten years, this journey being his 50th time journey into the past. He is planning to continue time travel for many more years until his retirement. Before Isaac was able to leave for his wondrous journey, he had to perform extensive research on the time period. In his words, “Research is essential to all of my time journeys. I need to learn how to blend into the ancient society. Otherwise, I would risk changing history. Research also helps me know what to expect when I am in the past.” Once the research was done, he had to prepare time-appropriate supplies and outfits for his journey. His intense research and hard work paid off when he was finally able to leave for Feudal Japan on November 24, 2036. Dr. Isaac Johnson arrived in Feudal Japan around 1195 A.D. Japan is an island chain off the coast of Asia and its geography includes volcanic …show more content…

Isaac Johnson was able to witness some of the major events in the time period. Even though Isaac was too late to witness the fall of the Taira and the rise of Minamoto Yoritomo, he still was able to witness the last four years of Yoritomo’s reign as the first shogun before Yoritomo’s death in 1199. Since many other major events happened later, Isaac had to travel to the times in which they occurred. For example, he had to travel forward to 1266, where the Mongols attempted to invade Japan. He stayed until the Mongols were unable to continue due to Kublai Khan’s death in 1294. He also traveled to many major battles and the end of the feudal period in

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