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Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who caused the arrival of improving the feminist movement in art. She was one of the most debated artists of the 20th century. She grabbed everyone’s attention with her life story and the way her painting represented what was going on in her life. She allowed people to see what was going on in her life. She was very open about sharing her life story with other people. It didn’t matter who they were, she would allow to come into her life with no questions asked. Frida Kahlo mostly painted self-portraits. She enjoyed expressing herself through her artwork, but it helped release all her pain and what she was going through. She didn’t let the pain stay in to cause harm to her. She was so outspoken. She had a …show more content…

She had to fight through the pain for the rest of her life. She stayed strong the entire time. It didn’t bring her down, so she feels sad and depressed. She may have felt that way sometimes, but she didn’t let it stop her from pursuing her dreams. Frida kept on fighting like a warrior for the rest of her life. Her right leg was amputated in 1953, which brought all her suffering to a rest. Frida suffered miscarriages and abortions a few years later. Frida married Diego Rivera, which is a famous muralist. They got a divorce due to Diego messing around with other women, and Frida’s take on bisexual relations, but then they reconnected again. In her paintings, she expressed her pain of misfortune, suffering, and pain. Frida wanted to show her physical and emotion pain through her artwork. People wanted to know how did she find the courage and strength to paint with all the tragedies she had been through in her life. She believed in her philosophical ideas. Frida represented her origin in her paintings also by using Mexican imagery and artifacts. Most of her paintings showed what time she was from. She lived in the period of the post- Mexican revolution. She really focused on early civilization and its art during this time. She really didn’t represent god in her painting, she used With Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird. She painted herself with a thorn necklace which makes her neck bleed. The dead hummingbird is a symbol to the god of

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