Essay On GMO Labeling

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Why Should Labels Be Required If They Will Not Deliver the Truth? Genetic modification is the alteration of an organism's genes to acquire desired characteristics (Kracht para 1). Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in over 70% of products produced in the United States, especially since most contain traces of corn, soybean, rice or canola, which are some of the grown genetically modified crops. (Steinhauer and Strom para 20). Currently, companies are not required to label GMO-containing products, however, some people are pushing to make it a requirement (para 3). Products containing GMOs should not be labeled because products manufactured in the United States have been modified in one way or another, therefore, the FDA should not…show more content…
Furthermore, labeling products creates fear, since consumers view it as a danger. A recent example of how labels cause a scare is the “gluten-free craze.” When gluten free labels increased, so did fear of gluten, as well as gluten free diets. According to a study by Lauren Rene Moore, 1 in 3 adults began eating gluten free food because of labels. Similarly, fear of GMOs arises from GMO labels since labels are used as warnings to inform consumers of possible harm or allergens in food (Millstein 7). GMO labels are unnecessary because genetic modification is safe, beneficial, and regulated by the FDA. Genetic modification is not a new concept. Artificial selection and crossbreeding, both forms of genetic modification, have been used for centuries by scientists and farmers to obtain desired traits of crops or animals (Kracht para 1). Moreover, no known risks have appeared from the consumption of GMOs or the genetic modification of crops. According to 500 different research groups studying GMOs, there is no evidence that GMOs cause any risks to the environment, organisms, plants, food or consumers (Van Eenennaam 20). Furthermore, the American Medical Association (AMA) reported that the possible health risks of genetically modified crops are no different than those of other crops or organic foods (20). One benefit of genetic modification is that it creates food that can be
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