Why I Want To Attend High Point University

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Two colleges I would like to attend is High Point University and UNC Pembroke. I would like to attend High Point because it is near both Winston-Salem and Greensboro. UNC Pembroke is also a great option to attend to because I noticed that the campus is closed off which will help in staying focus but it’s not as close to the city. My academic interest is in natural science involving biology but also math. My social interests is doing activities in the city in order to have a separation from campus life. The application for High Point University must be completed and submitted for admission on the electronic application or the common app but the universal college application is not accepted. For the University of North Carolina Pembroke …show more content…

Academic programs at High Point University are of the following: Global Studies Program, Honors Scholar Program, Individualized Major Program, Pre-Professional Programs, Special Studies Programs, and Study Abroad Programs (High Point University). Global Studies are offered by many departments across the university which provides a global dimension to each student’s education by fostering intercultural competence. Each undergraduate student must take at least one of these courses as part of the general education. The High Point University Honors Scholar Program takes a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to higher education, empowering students to cultivate contemplative selves and build meaningful public lives. To be considered for membership into the Honors Scholar Program, you must first submit your High Point University undergraduate admissions application. The Individualized Major Program allows selected students to plan an individualized educational program that stands apart from the established majors currently available. Acceptance is determined on the submitted program’s merits. The individualized major must fulfill the General Education Requirements and be a coherent and integrated program of study. High Point University offers Pre-Professional Programs which allows a great deal of flexibility in choosing major fields and specific courses with basic admissions

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