Essay On Identifying Abuse And Neglect

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Observing possible abuse or neglect is difficult to detect in children with disabilities. An educator must be observant and diligent while teaching students with exceptionalities every day, ensuring that students have a safe and nurturing environment home life. The factors that make identifying abuse and neglect among children with disabilities difficult must not stand in the way from keeping some of our most vulnerable students safe.
Factors that make identifying abuse difficult are communication difficulties, behavioral problems, medication side effects, and unstable disposition. Students with disabilities can have communication difficulties that can be mild to server. This makes it difficult to communicate with the child and ultimately understand why new bruises are present on the body or the student is acting different. Students with disability may struggle with regulating their emotions and outburst; therefore, having behavioral factors is not uncommon. This can make it difficult to …show more content…

Florida requires an Educator to take proper steps when there is only a suspicion in good faith. If teacher or school staff suspect abuse they should follow proper steps according to district policy. Steps a teacher should take prior to report any suspected abuse are:
• Be observant and document any obvious physical/behavioral changes
• When abuse is suspected, bring concerns to administrator, nurse, counselor about suspicion
• Follow your schools report procedure
• Suspicion is founded, report abuse to the child abuse hotline
When preparing to call the child abuse hotline, gathering the right information is essential. Such information you should have with you when making the phone call is:
• Child’s name
• Child’s parents name
• Child’s current address
• Observations of abuse
• Type of injury/ neglect
• Your Name and Contact

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