Essay On Impact Of Poverty On Child Development

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Poverty has a large impact on a child’s development, the child will be affected in a number of different ways involving their education, health, behaviour and their intellect. When a child lives in a household where their basic needs are being compromised it is often due to the family having to use the resources that they do have access to for other factors that contribute to the whole family. As the family have limited amount of resources it is often found the children have less access to opportunities than those who aren’t living in poverty. This essay will explore the negative impacts of poverty on a child’s health within developing countries, there are two forms of poverty, relative and absolute, however it is more common for absolute poverty to occur within these developing countries.
Malnutrition is commonly found to be associated with poverty, often it is due to the lack of income into the household which restricts the family to the food products that they can buy. The food that the family are able to afford are often low in essential nutrients and vitamins, these food products are cheap to buy and easy to cook. Malnutrition is defined as the lack of consumption of nutrients which then leads to further health problems. Being malnourished can impact a child’s development, including weight loss, growth issues and cognitive issues. Having the correct nutrition intake is required within childhood to ensure that the child develops in the correct way, it is extremely

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