Essay On Inuit The Sioux And The Haid

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Compare and contrast

The Inuit the Sioux and the Haida have a lot in common and a lot of things that are different. For example, how they do their art work, what tools and how they dress. I would like to learn more about what is their state animal, what is their state bird ,and some more about their religions.
Some things in common with these tribes are how they make their tools ,what they eat, what they use to hunt their food, and how they get their supplies for their art work they make . Some of the things they need to use to make the hunting tools are stone, rock, or animal parts such as bones and hooves. They animals they eat and hunt are buffalo, seal, and or raw meat. Another thing they have in common is what tools they use to hunt their food for example …show more content…

So first of all some of their artwork is because of how they build it and the supplies you need for it. For example their carvings are unique some how because they all use different materials that have different edges and points like the Inuit uses a knife is called a ulu. Another reason that these tribe are different are on how they dress for example the haida men wear shirts and leggings that are made from animal hide and skin. The next reason why they are different is because they have different celebrations that they celeberate like the sioux celebrate on when they have something special like a baby is going to be born. And finally that they are differents is because of their religion and if they have a religion like the inuit has a religion of catholic and crichin. Another example of how their religions they have is if they believe in their own gods and if they just believe in one god that might made or not made us. Is catholic. they can also be different because of their skin color and if they have a lot of things they do like if they play

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