Essay On Israel's Bias

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Understanding Israel's Bias In The Media & What You Can Do About It
Shabbat Day 1 Why does the mainstream media so often get it wrong – portraying Palestinian attacks and the inevitable Israeli response as a "cycle of violence," or excusing the murder of innocent Israelis as frustration over occupation? The media often gets it so wrong due to favoring the underdog, intimidation of journalists, political messaging, Anti-Semitism, which all have a devastating effect on Israel. [By ignoring Palestinian culpability for terrorism and deliberately not reporting on the massive Palestinian incitement to carry out terrorism, the media has essentially become co-conspirators with the Palestinians, letting them get away with murder. We’ve seen
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And media consumers are none the wiser. The leadership of the Palestinian Authority is promoting their massive incitement to terrorist violence. This includes vile lessons in how to kill Jews, taught in US-sponsored Palestinian schools and universities, and instructional videos on stabbing and murdering Jews being shown to thousands of Palestinian schoolchildren. Government and the media – as society's key pillars of power – often forge a common narrative. The U.S. State Department referred to recent events in Israel as a "cycle of violence," it was reflected the very next day in the New York Times lead editorial, "The Cycle of Violence in Israel." Similarly, the United Nations' silence at Mahmoud Abbas' incitement to violence ("every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem is clean and pure blood for Allah") grants the media license to sympathize with Palestinian attackers. Palestinians have slaughtered at least 34 Israelis — stabbing them to death in stores, in synagogues, in their apartments and on the street, and ramming them to death with their cars. Daring to step out onto the street almost anywhere in Israel has become a game of Russian roulette these
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