Essay On Japanese Internment

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Interment is defined as the state of being confined as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons. Through the world's history there have been a great deals of examples of internment, such as the holocaust, and the japanese internments, they serve as acts committed by ultranationalists. The Holocaust occurred at the hands of a fascist and ultranationalist empire, as well, the Japanese internments happened due to the ultra-nationalistic beliefs of a certain race(caucasian). The incarceration of the Japanese living in North America, is split into two different yet equally similar occurrences, the Internment of the Japanese-Americans and the internment of the Japanese-Canadians. In an extremely contrasting opinion the United States provided a stronger argument towards their actions over that of their Canadian duplicat. On the morning of December 7, …show more content…

Under authority of the Order-in-Council, all people of Japanese ancestry would be excluded from a 100-mile zone inland from the Pacific Coast. Around 22,000 Canadian citizens and residents were taken from their homes on Canada’s West Coast, without any charge or due process, and exiled to remote areas of eastern British Columbia and elsewhere. Ultimately, the Canadian government stripped the Japanese Canadians of their property and pressured them to accept mass deportation after the war ended. The internment drew from a long history of anti-Asian racism and discrimination within Canada. Ultranationalism is defined as extreme nationalism that promotes the interest of one state or people above all others. In this case one can see how the feelings and viewpoints of the primarily Caucasian Canadians was put above the rights of their Japanese counterparts. The internment camps that the Japanese were sent to denied them of basic civil and human rights. “Take them back to Japan. They do not belong here, and here, and there is only one solution to the

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