Essay On John Donne

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John Donne was an English Poet, Priest and outsider. He was born into a devout catholic family in 1572 in London, however, he did not stay true to his families Catholic beliefs. Donne grew up as a catholic in a rough period in England when the anti-Roman period was reaching new heights. This of course caused problems for him until the 1590's when he returned to London from his studies abroad in Theological issues and converted to the English church. During these early days of his life, Donne converted because his brother was imprisoned for being Catholic and later died in prison. With Donne now in the English Church writing he soon became the secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton, Lord Keeper of the great seal. While for many this would prove to be the beginning of a great career, it would soon end. This was because he secretly married the teen niece of Egerton, Ann More, in 1601. He was then forced to move away to the countryside living in a poverty stricken lifestyle. Although having twelve kids and living in poverty seems horrible, Donne still thrived in his poetry. According to Wendy Smith, “ Poetry written during those years limns an ecstatic physical and emotional union with an intelligent, passionate companion. Perhaps this blissful society of two was the home Donne had been looking for” (7). However, his wife died and his poetry took another unexpected turn, as it became more dark and not as full of love. As the years went on Donne slowly began to get sick more

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