Essay On Kindness

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Kindness is putting others feelings ahead of your own to make sure that they are staying strong in this messed up, cruel world. Kindness makes a difference in the world by impacting the lives of individuals in a positive way every day. You may not think that a simple act can change someone’s day, but trust me when I say that people notice the slightest bit of generosity toward others. I understand that life is hard and everyone has mountains they have to climb, but you never know what the people around you are going through. Kindness can be shown by just the smallest gesture. Others don’t comprehend that giving is better than receiving; it feels this hole in your heart with so much love. Everyone can show kindness; they just have to have the want to, even if they are an enemy or have done you wrong in some way. Being kind gives you a better attitude and outlook on life. It makes you more optimistic and more understanding. People hide their emotions so well in this day and age that you never know what someone might be battling up against. Nobody wants the whole world to see what they are going through, so they put up a front so others don’t see their problems. By being kind to your peers and everyone around you, it makes you understand that life is difficult and different for everyone. Not only does kindness change your heart, it changes your mindset. You know that even if someone has done you wrong, they still deserve kindness because that may be the only uplift they have

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