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Learning Best While Unstressed

Schools across North America are eager to make the communication with the parents more thorough, successive, and collective. This issue is quite controversial as some schools have quickly changed their system to a more efficient way of seeing students’ learning progress, while others are still in consideration because they are currently satisfied with the current system now. However, there are lots of good and bad things that come with switching or staying the same. For example, changing the system may be a better option for students to get their stress levels down as they are higher than the adult levels on a ten point scale. In result, the students may do better in school while learning and taking …show more content…

This is “part of an effort to raise standardized test scores and achievement in struggling schools…” (NYTimes). These schools really want their students’ learning experiences to be better, so if they do good on the state tests it would almost be a reward for their hard work. However, schools want to “ensure more consistent grading across classrooms, tamp down grade inflation and refine focus on individual academic skills” (NYTimes). In result, schools will have better grades, and scores on state tests.
Because of switch, the overall result will decrease students’ stress levels. As of right now, students are overwhelmed with school and the plentiful amount of work. “On average, teens reported their stress level was 5.8 on a 10-point scale, compared with 5.1 for adults” (NBC). This is extremely unhealthy, as a major part of that stress comes from school. On top of school, students also have sports, clubs, and social media that hang over their heads, too. In a survey, “ 34 percent said they expected their stress level would rise in coming year” (NBC). With that, students are most likely worried about getting good letter grades like all A’s. In result, the number system would benefit students by giving them accurate grades, getting some stress off of their shoulders, and making them accept the well-deserved grades they get.
Ultimately, the new number grading system will show how close

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