Essay On Lee Chapter 1

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The air is so heavy and awkward.

Lee perches on the couch, the complete opposite end to June.

They don’t look at each other, but Lee can still see him in the corner of his eye. He can tell he’s trying hard not to look at Lee; trying so hard to look anywhere but at him.

They both pretend to be interested in whatever’s playing on the TV in front of them.

Then Lee hears the shuffle of material beside him. June sidles up to him with one swift movement, and now they’re touching, looking into each other’s eyes. But, not deeply. Lee can tell by June’s expression; he’s not looking at him properly. He’s staring straight through him, as if he were a pane of glass. Lee’s not stupid—June’s obviously trying to read his mind. But he fights it,
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June swept Lee off his feet when they first met, got his heart beating like no one else could. And they got caught in the moment, Lee liked the feeling and, strangely, he liked the attention. Then, somewhere along the way, he got roped in, and grew attached to that person who cared for people—who knows how to care for people, how to make them feel so special—things Lee didn’t know how to do at all. And still doesn’t know. Their relationship has always been one-sided in that respect: Lee never gives much back to June, taking full advantage of his unselfishness, and without even realising it. June just loves Lee so much that he doesn’t mind. But maybe that’s the problem.

June is charming. He’s so pretty and so kind. And Lee is none of the above.
June’s too good for him.

The two of them aren’t exactly birds of a feather. June washes, Lee dries. June does all the talking, Lee listens. That’s just how things have always been with them.

And, even though things between them now seem almost irredeemable, Lee greedily holds onto the hope that June will put him first right now, just like all those other times he did.

(Probability of June leaving: 99%).

But June gets to his feet, impatiently tugs on his jacket, scowling subtly. Pain pulls at Lee’s heart as June pulls on his shoes, hand slightly shaking as he steadies himself against the wall; his jaw is clenched and he’s gritting his teeth, as if he’s holding back from saying something.
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