Essay On Loneliness

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Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life. Whether they have lost a friend, family member, or loved one. Loneliness can have many negative effects on a person’s well-being. Some results could be craziness, depression, or even sickness. These effects could lead to even worse mental health issues. In order for humans to be happy, friendships and connections are vital; as well as never keeping isolated from the world. The characters George, Lennie and Crooks were all affected by loneliness. All these characters were affected in different ways. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, loneliness has a prominent affect on the characters’ mental health, as well as illustrate why friendships are vital. First of all, loneliness for…show more content…
Secondly, Lennie suffered from loneliness because he was different. He had trouble making friends because he wasn’t like everyone else. Lennie always counted on George to be his guardian. He always knew that George would keep him safe. In contrast to George, Lennie loved George’s company. The presence of George is what made Lennie feel safe. All of Lennie’s life, George was the only person he could remember. The dangerous thought that always filled Lennie’s mind was the thought of losing George. All these years, Lennie always had George to keep him company. This idea is what drove him insane. Although, Lennie’s mental stability is already poor, this fear made it worse. Lennie was always trying to be nice and apologetic to George, just so Lennie could stay with him. To show George that he cares, Lennie reassures, “But I wouldn’t eat none, George. I’d leave it all for you. You could cover your beans with it and I wouldn’t touch none of it.” This shows how Lennie wanted only the best for George.The fear of being lonely one day was Lennie’s weakness. Lennie’s mental health was greatly affected by the thought of losing George. Lastly, Crooks struggled with loneliness because he was heavily discriminated against. Crooks was the only black worker on the ranch. He had no friends or family to keep him company. All Crooks has are his possessions to help him cope with his loneliness. Friendships were something that Crooks lacked. He was
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