Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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“People are not born evil; they learn to become evil.” Everyone is born with some innocence and some evil within them, it’s what path we choose to take and how we deal with the challenges that life throws at us that determines if we are good or bad. In the novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the island is depicted to influence the boys and the decisions they make whilst trying to survive without the control of adults. This is shown through the Beast, when the boys take their first life and the separation of the group. Everyone does something bad in their lifetime it just depends if that something is not doing the dishes or murder. When someone hears the word beast, they immediately think of a large, hairy animal with claws, sharp teeth…show more content…
This included building huts, gathering food and holding assemblies. Because of people who had different views on what was right the group became separated. This created a minority and a majority. The two groups were mainly depicted as the boys who had changed and become ‘savages’ against the boys who were still humane and still had hope in being rescued. Over time, more and more boys left Ralph’s group of humane people and turned to Jack to become hunters. Everything that was once a clear picture and humane became a blur for these boys. The hunters, from their immature and violent attitudes towards each situation, it can be seen how they slowly stopped attempting to have and maintain a normal civilized life, like what they were used to living. This immature behaviour leads to the killing of two of their own, Simon and Piggy. This is because they are too ignorant to see that the only evil on the island was themselves. Golding showed that everyone is born with some evil, it’s if we choose to share that evil with the rest of the world. Golding proved this in her novel through the Beast, when the boys took their first life and the separation of the group. No matter how evil is perceived whether it be sin, the beast, the devil, terrorism or murder, it is always going to be an aspect within each and every one of us. To what degree, is another
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