Essay On Lucy Beautiful

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This chapter is the next stage in the cancer treatment. This the second obstacle that she had to conquer in order for her to make it through this. The last thing that makes Lucy ‘beautiful’ in her eyes is following through her fingers. This is a momentous event because she is losing everything that was apart of her old life. Her face is different, her life has shifted dramatically, she doesn’t attend school often as she used to, and now her hair is falling out. She was a young child that didn’t know much about anything she was still growing up and learning things. She didn’t know and what to think about the whole situation and how someone so young could think as to what was suppose to happen next. She states, “I looked at myself in the mirror with a preoccupied preadolescent view, which is …show more content…

Which backfired and actually made Lucy hate the idea of getting a wig and how she looked. Lucy’s mother was willing to buy a wig because the way she smiled for the last fitting was the first time she has smiled in a long time. But the only reason she actually had a smile on Lucy’s face was because it was actually over. This is one of the moment where she started to say and tell how she was really feeling. She was starting to find herself. After not needing a wig she started to deal with the fact that she was who she was. She could not change her past and the cancer was now apart of her. There was a moment where no one was home and she finally started to look at herself as a whole. She was seeing her big scare on her face, her bald head, and her buck teeth. She had not really thought anything of it the other features that were normally apart of her body even before the cancer. But now she was starting to see the complete opposite of beauty, ugliness. Shame consumed her because she was starting to see herself the way the world was looking at

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