Lucy's Visit with the Faries Essay

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Beginning: Once upon a time, a little girl named Lucy was playing in the park with her friends when suddenly it starts to rain and everybody goes running to their house. Lucy was a poor girl that was living in a very little house with her parents. The parents of Lucy didn’t have any money so they were trying to survive with the food they had left. One day Lucy was surrounding a cupcake factory and she stays a couple of minutes thinking of what wonderful it will be if she was the owner of that factory. When she was thinking she was imagining that she was in a big world only with cupcakes and that his parents were very happy because they weren’t living in bad conditions, in that minutes Lucy sees that in the factory was a door open so she …show more content…

The fairy reply saying that they were in the secret world of fairies, and that they were practicing to fight with the trolls because they wanted to take their territory, and if they take their territory they couldn’t produce more cupcakes to the factory.
Falling Action: Lucy was very interested in this situation, so she decides to help the fairies. The fairies start training Lucy for she will prepare for the fight. While Lucy was training, on the other side of the world Sarah was very worried because Lucy had not come to the house in two days. Maria the fairy that was her only friend talks her about what was the process of doing the cupcakes, what especial ingredients they use etc. The day of the war was very soon and Lucy was very nervous of what it will happen, Maria told him that everything will be ok if they do it for good things. It was the war and Lucy was preparing like the other fairies, they start the war by throwing them fire balls, then arrows. It was a long fight but at the end Lucy throws them her power and all of the trolls died, and the fairies win.

Resolution: Lucy was very happy for the fairies but, she need to return to her home, Maria was very sad because Lucy was her only friend in the entire world. Maria purpose her to stay in her world, but Lucy say that no because she had a friend waiting for her. Maria told what happened to the owner of the factory, so they decide to give him a work to Lucy

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