Essay On Medieval Weapons

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Weapons from the 1600’s are not as advanced as the weapons are in today's modern time. These weapons that are involved are shields, bows, swords, and spears. Shields in today's time are more likely used by the department of justice which is the FBI and etc. Shields in the early European Middle Ages were round with non-splitting wood, they were usually made with leather covers on one or both sides of metal rims and a metal shield boss were typical. These weapons were used throughout the whole Medieval Times. Bows and crossbows have been around for thousands of years. In medieval Europe, archers were the snipers of their days and shot up to two hundred and fifty yards high depending on the length of the bow. Crossbows could shoot up to four hundred …show more content…

It was one of the earliest fashioned weapons used by humans. Many humans still use it for hunting and fishing, Spears were not only used in battles but they were also used in jousting tournaments, hunting, and plenty of other things. Spears were basically designed to be thrown or to be kept in the hands of a human. These spears were often used in tight formations like a shieldwall. Spears could easily be hurled from a distance or used as a secondary killing tool to the sword. The long length of the spear usually made it uncomfortable for soldiers on foot but great for those that were on horseback who charge at their enemies to knock them off to the ground or to stab them on the ground. The use of these weapons and this armor made one soldier have more power than ten to fifteen regular soldiers. Throwing spears were rarely seen when the middle ages started to come around. Spears in general started to lose fashion in the fourteenth century due to infantry but evolved into pikes in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Swords were the primary weapon for a knight and their armor was used for protection which was basically their

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