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I'm just a teenager who lives in the United States. My parents are originally from a small pueblo in Mexico so my cultural background is Mexican. The Mexican culture includes bright colors, loud music, good food, and loud people who love to dance. A quincenera is a traditional celebration when a Hispanic girl turns 15. My cousin's quincenera was not too long ago , so I'll tell you about what I remember and how they connect to my culture. The party scene was where all the Mexican culture is at. I remember the banquet hall being decorated with sombreros and folklorico dresses used for dancing. The tables were decorated with vivid colors including orange, blue, green, and pink. All these bright colors represent how my culture is very bright …show more content…

The food being served was birria which is goat meat drowned in a red sauce. The birria was served with a side of aroz rojo (red rice). It may sound like a very simple dish but it is really good. It is traditional for any quincenera to have a surprise dance with the chambelanes, or the escorts. I was asked to be one of the escorts and I gladly accepted. We had to learn how to dance ballet folkorico which includes a lot of zapateado which involves a lot of foot movement. We had an instructor teach us the basics pod zapateado. Then we had to learn the whole routine the instructor had made up for us. The day of the party we performed the whole dance routine and in the end everyone was cheering for us which was a sign that we did an excellent job dancing. My culture is really known for dancing very good and listening to loud music. We like to listen to Banda, which is a Mexican music group consisting of trumpets, clarinets, tarolas, tamborazo, tuba, etc. It is very typical that everyone begins to dance once the Banda begins to play. I was even dragged out to dance one of my aunts which was actually pretty fun. These are really the main essentials to what makes my culture so

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