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Is Toxic Mold Causing Your Mystery Symptoms? Do you live with chronic allergies, unexplained pain, and debilitating fatigue? Millions struggle with mystery symptoms their doctors can make no sense of. If you're one of them, toxic mold could be the hidden cause! The most common types of mold include: Cladosporium Penicillium Alternaria Aspergillus Stachybotrys chartarum and Stachybotrys chlorohalonata (Black molds) Black molds are the most dangerous to your health and are commonly found in water-damaged areas of buildings and in wet basements. Black molds contain neurotoxins that have been linked to serious, long-term neurological dysfunction. In this article, I will show you the most common symptoms of mold sensitivity. In the …show more content…

Exposure to mold has also been linked to respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children. 3. Learning and memory problems Brain fog, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating are so common, many chalk these symptoms up to stress, lack of sleep, or age. However, they could also be a sign of toxic mold exposure. In a 2003 study conducted by the Environmental Health Center-Dallas, nervous system challenges were observed in every single study participant exposed to mold. That's 100 out of 100. A significant portion of the participants who were exposed to mold also presented with abnormalities in their brain SPECT scans. 4. Blurry vision When black mold mycotoxins come into contact with your eyes, they kill the cells within, which can lead to inflammation, injury, and vision problems. 5. Light sensitivity Light sensitivity, also known as 'photophobia', is linked to a malfunction of the nervous system. Warning: If any of your senses are more sensitive than you're used to (lights are too bright, sound is too loud, touch is irritating), it could be a sign that toxic mold is slowly destroying your nervous system! 6. Autoimmune disease If you've been diagnosed with any type of autoimmune disease, it is critical that you check your home and work

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