Essay On My Writing Skills

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Throughout the semester I made tremendous gains as a writer and a future health professional. I came into this class extremely nervous about what was in store, but knew it would be a difficult course and would challenge my writing skills. After our many assignments and readings, I am more prepared than ever to take my skills into the professional world.
It took practice and several revisions, but my writing skills improved immensely, and I achieved the course goals in different ways with each assignment. The IMRaD and cover letter increased my research abilities. I had to plan a topic, find relevant information, and communicate the findings effectively. For that assignment it was expected of me to be able to adjust the health literacy to best fit each document. The IMRaD was a more professional and informative tone, while the patient letter was personal and empathetic. I am now able to adjust my health literacy to best fit the target audience and successfully share the information. All of the papers furthered my knowledge on APA format. I previously had little experience with that format, but now it has become much easier. APA is the primary format of my first major, psychology, so it was extremely helpful to fine tune my skills in this …show more content…

I am aware of the injustices that occur in the medical field and can now use my knowledge and position to change this and address stereotypes. Writing the Community Profile and IMRaD increased my research skills and ability to read health information and communicate it to different audiences. After writing the patient letter it’s easier for me to empathize and gain trust with patients while delivering difficult news. The health document taught me how to inform a group on a relevant topic while maintaining their health literacy level. That assignment also improved my group work skills and how to use all of our different strengths to produce a high quality

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