Essay On Nectar In A Sieve

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The imperialized do not accept the imperialists because even though the imperialists help the uncivilized, they also cause many problems. In the novel, when Rukmani and kenny are talking about how their cultural ways are different, Rukmani says “If you lived here your whole life [this] still would not be [your country]”(Markandaya 107). Even though Kenny has helped Rukmani and her daughter countless times throughout the novel, the tone that she uses in this sentence shows us that she never thought of kenny as one of them. Rukmani’s use of the phrase ‘your whole life’ emphasizes the point that she is trying to make which is that no matter how long you stay here and how much you help us, this will never be your country and you will never be one of us. Nectar in a sieve is not the only example of this kind of…show more content…
This cartoon shows us that even though the British were trying hard to help these undeveloped countries, they were causing them unnecessary problems. If we look at the political cartoon and the novel Nectar in a Sieve, we can see that in both cases, even though the people from the developed nations are trying to help the uncivilized, the uncivilized do not agree with their ways and do not think of each other as one. In the novel, Rukmani tells Kenny that she doesn’t see him as one of them, and in the cartoon, we can see that the man carrying the baskets (the imperialists), even though he is leading them to civilization, is causing distress to the people in the basket (the imperialized). Therefore, we can conclude that Imperialism reflects dominance rather than global progress because the people being imperialized do not accept the
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