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For the Ancient Greeks, Odysseus was seen as a great hero. Also known as Ulysses to the Romans, was a very important character in Homer’s The Odyssey. He was the father of Telemachus, and spouse of Penelope. He was the great King of Ithaca. The Ancient Greeks perceived Odysseus as a hero due to his intelligence, his capabilities, and how the ancient beliefs of heroism distinguished him. Odysseus’ intellect helped create a hero image for the Ancient Greeks.Throughout the story Odysseus continuously uses his intelligence and manipulation to get himself out of trouble. For example, In Book Nine of The Odyssey, Odysseus is telling a story oh how The Cyclops asked Odysseus his name and he replied “Nobody-that’s my name”(9.410). Odysseus and a …show more content…

Odysseus faced and over came many challenges, he rarely if ever failed. One example of Odysseus’ success is when he preformed in athletics. points out, “Odysseus proves the consummate all­rounder in competitive sports off the battlefield: he ties the enormous Ajax in wrestling (Il. 23.700–37), beats the youngsters at the sprint (Il. 23.740–92); and, in the Odyssey, outperforms his Phaeacian hosts with the discus before boasting of equal prowess in archery and spear­ throwing (8.186–233).” Ulysses also showed off his versatile capabilities and success when he overcame challenges. As said by, Some of the challenges Odysseus faced include: “…sirens, giants, one-eyed cyclopses, storms sent by Poseidon, multi headed monsters, and raging whirlpools.” Overcoming and defeating these types of challenges were impressive and heroic to the Ancient Greeks because it showed off Odysseus’ great variety of abilities. Another one of Odysseus’ impressive capabilities was fighting. states, “ And in Odyssey 22, he outdoes all of the great heroes when…Odysseus slaughters- like a mortal Apollo. Odysseus was so powerful and was such a strong fighter he is compared to “a mortal …show more content…

Odysseus fit perfectly to the early ideas of the heroic. The Ancient Greeks believed heroes to be honorable, noble, strong, and intelligent. Odysseus showed these qualities when Calypso offered him the chance to be immortal. Though the offer tempted him, Odysseus declined. The fact that Odysseus declined something that most people would kill for, shows he is honorable and loyal to his family. It shows he would rather go back to Penelope and Telemachus, the people that need him, rather than stay alive forever with a “bewitching nymph”. In addition, Odysseus followed many of the “qualifications” the Ancient Greeks had for war and glory within heroism. states, the Odyssey insists that Odysseus—aided by his patron Athena, goddess of victory (Od. 13.386–88)—masterminded the stratagem that doomed Troy: the Trojan Horse.” The Trojan horse was a plan that helped the Greeks defeat the Trojans in the Trojan war. The Ancient Greeks saw Odysseus as a war hero as he highly influenced the Greeks win in the war. Futhermore, Odysseus was seen as a role model to the Ancient Greeks. says, “heroes generally enshrine within themselves qualities people generally admire.” Odysseus impressive qualities were seen as a goal for the Ancient Greeks, they wanted to be more like him. Odysseus was a hero the ancient Greeks for multiple reasons. He was a

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