Character Traits of Odysseus in Homer´s Odyssey Essay

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Odysseus, king of Ithaca, was probably on of the greatest warriors in the history of Ancient Greece. It is said that the poet, Homer, wrote the story of the Odyssey. In this story, Odysseus and his crew are trying to make their voyage back home to Ithaca after they have fought with the Trojans. During the long journey, Odysseus will show some of his character traits which include his bravery, cleverness, and wisdom that will assist him with the situations he encounters on his journey home. Bravery was probably one of the traits Odysseus was known for best. Without his bravery, the story most-likely wouldn't have been as exciting and suspenseful as it was. One of the situations that displayed this trait was when they landed on the …show more content…

A trait that was probably one of the best reasons he didn't di was his wisdom. Without his wisdom he most likely would've died from the beginning. An example of his wisdom was when the Cyclops started to devour some of Odysseus's men. Odysseus pulled his sword out and was about to stab and kill the Cyclops but then he thought ahead and realized that if he killed the Cyclops, there would be no way the men could escape because of the boulder blocking the entrance. Another good example of his wisdom was when he had to come to the decision where he would either have to pick Scylla, a sea monster, or Charybdis, a whirlpool monster. He ended up picking Scylla because he knew he only would lose a few men. If he had picked Charybdis, all of his men and his ship would've been swallowed by Charybdis. He thoughtfully came up with this decision knowing that things could have been much worse. Odysseus was known for his many of his mental traits, but his most useful ones were his bravery cleverness, and wisdom. Without these helpful traits he probably would have died from the very beginning. Fortunately, he was granted with these traits so that he could come back to his kingdom of Ithaca to see his wife and son for the first time in twenty years and to also kill the suitors that tried to kill his son and take his wife, land, and possessions from him.

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