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Peruvians enjoy a free government and one of the richest histories in the world. Peru’s history has legendary beginnings and leads to a revolution. Furthermore, the Peruvian government allows civil liberties and freedoms. Come and go back in time to the Incas and lead through until Peru’s founding government.
The history of Peru is riddled with legends, conquistadors, and a revolution. The fabled beginnings of the Inca empire, which preceded Peru in their lands, state that Manco Capac, a son of the sun god, was sent down and made home in the Vilcanota Valley (“Peru History”). This became their capital, Cuzco. The Incas documented their history through the reigns of the kings. However, it was not until the eighth king, Pachacuti, rise to power …show more content…

He took off and organized an army that unsuccessfully laid siege to Cuzco. He eventually died in a fight with some Spanish men over a game (“Manco Capac”). Pizarro was also murdered, in present day Lima by Diego Almargo in 1541. The next year, Spain founded the Viceroyalty of Peru, which stretched almost the entire continent of South America. The viceroy of Peru, Francisco Toledo organized the Indian population and beheaded Manco Capac II’s son, cutting off all chance at a Native rebellion. The viceregal capital of Peru was Lima and included the head church of Peru. There was one rebellion in Peru, by the last Incas, but it ultimately failed (Kus 11). This directly led into the revolution for independence. Argentine general, Jose de San Martin came to Peru in 1820 and declared Peru an independent country the next year on July 28. The Peruvians had been fighting for independence for over a decade (“Historical Information”). Simón Bolivar, had helped almost all of South America declare freedom, refused to liberate Peru, unless he did not have to share power. Martin stepped down and Bolivar won independence and beat the Spanish in

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