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Phoenix Jackson The story “A Worn Path,” by Eudora Welty tells the story of a woman named Phoenix Jackson, who lives in Natchez Mississippi. Phoenix has a grandson that she cares for that has swallowed a chemical called lye, that was used in many households back when this story was written. Lye poisoning was common in a lot of rural areas. Welty is writing about this problem the hardship Phoenix Jackson had to go through to get medical treatment at that time. Without the name Phoenix Jackson and the characteristics, she possesses there is no way she could have overcome the obstacles that stood in her way. With the first name of Phoenix, Ms. Welty is showing the symbol of a Greek mythological bird that could live to be one hundred to one …show more content…

The young white hunter assisted her out of a ditch only to belittle her and put a gun in her face (Welty). This shows great courage to endure this encounter that must have been something Phoenix had endured and witnessed her entire life. Hard work was a way of life, much like Dr. Jackson that worked tirelessly to find a cure to save the young children who had swallowed lye, it made her strong enough to face this encounter (Stang). In addition, it was hard work and agility to walk along a log to cross a creek with her eyes closed, the wisdom to shimmy under barbed wire fences without getting hung up, the endurance to go up and down hills and through hollers, and the devotion to make the trip to the Doctors office and back (Welty). Although, in her nineties Phoenix was strong and very capable to walk that worn path and do it with the dignity of a grandmother that cares about her grandson. The story tells that Phoenix was a selfless, devoted, and caring person. In addition, Dr. Jackson cared for his patients, many times using his own money for research and charity cases (Stang 17. By taking advantage, making yearly trips to the Doctor’s office, because the doctor said, if she comes and gets the medicine she can have it, shows her wisdom and devotion. She takes the time to tell the nurse how cute her grandson is and that he will survive, showing her optimism. Even after enduring belittling wise cracks from the attendant

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