Pitbulls Should Be Banned Essay

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Inherently dangerous, fight dogs, or vicious are just a few words that come to most people's minds when they see or hear the word Pit bull. Pit bulls are feared because of their past reputation as fight dogs and this has led to the banning of Pit bulls in many counties and cities across the United States. However, I have had the honor of owning a Pit bull as well as knowing many great Pit bulls a Pit bull owners over the years, and what my experience shows is that it's not the breed, but the owner that determines the dog's behavioral outcome, it also shows that Pit bulls are extremely loyal and protective of their owners, and that they are great with people especially kids.

My sister and I went through the task of training my Pit
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This just shows how great Pit bulls are with kids. All the Pit bulls I met that were trained well-loved people and they especially loved kids, but most parents have the tendency to pull their kids away from Pit bulls they meet, but then they let their kid go towards other breeds of dogs and the reason they do this is because of the negative way they have seen Pit bulls portrayed. My Pit bull was able to disprove these false assumptions made on his breed by proving to people that where you come from doesn't define you, but how you treat people does. In fact, he was so kind to people that sometimes it would shock them because they thought Pit bulls were supposed to be this vicious breed that could not be controlled.

Hopefully my personal experience has been able to shine a positive light on Pit bulls and shown that when it comes down to a dog their breed shouldn't define them because a dog is just a reflection of their owner and if a Pit bull is treated correctly they won't randomly lash out at their owner, but will be loyal and protective to the
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