The Pit Bulls Should Be Allowed

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Numerous people misunderstand the way pit bulls react to situations, or why this breed in particular remains regarded the way they do. Pits remain seen as extremely vicious animals that hold no other purpose in this world other than hurting people and animals. Countless people discriminate the breed for what they hear from others or what they witness on television, but that simply is not the case. Many people have not even seen the loving, caring and compassionate side of a pit bull, yet the fact of the matter remains, no one wants to due to the public continuously giving them an immoral reputation. Pit bulls should be allowed as pets as long as the owner possesses the proper experience with larger breeds of dogs and understand how to handle an overactive and playful type of dog. Scores of people believe that if a dog displays aggressive behavior towards other dogs, they will become aggressive towards people too. As robin rock, who works for Petfinder, clearly states in her web article
Dog-aggression and people aggression are two distinctive traits and should not be confused. Unless a pit bull has been poorly bred or purposefully trained to attack humans, they generally love people. They are, in fact, one of the most loving, loyal, friendly, and dedicated companions you can have.
All dogs can be bred or trained to possess dog or person aggression, not only pit bulls. In fact, according to the dog bite law center only, “32% of dog related killings are caused by pit

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