Essay On Pitbulls

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All the time pitbull's have been missed treated and known as the most "dangerous" breed, this is why they came up with the BSL laws to prevent a pitbull's for doing bad things but is not the pitbull's fault it is a humans for treating them and telling them how to be. The BSL is not working it is a complete failure as long as I have heard and read in so many articles. I want to do this for my PPP because I strongly disagree with the BSL they are basically treating pitbull's, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and many other breeds. The BSL basically tells the owners to treat their dogs as prisoners ,they are free ,but they are kept and treated like prisoners. For example if the BSL law is enforced in your city or state you have to have the dog in a muscle contained them in a chained kennel with concrete floor, they must be in any certain length and material of leash and they must wear a tag that …show more content…

The owners of the Pitbulls would leave their children sometimes unattended and just leave them with the pitbull who protected them all the time, to newborns all the way till teenagers. They were considered "nanny dogs" sense the American pitbull terrier was first recognized by the United Kennel Club. The ASPCA notes, the pitbulls were “once considered especially non-aggressive to people.” There is a rumor that people think that pitbull's have a special locking jaw the other dogs do not have which a lie because pitbulls do not have special “locking jaws”, that’s purely a myth. People also think that because certain pitbull's are bigger than other pitbull will have a stronger its which is not true because all pitbulls do not get a stronger bite because they're bigger they all have the same bite

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