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World Wide Web: The Most Successful and Popular Hypertext System Khalil Faraj
School of Electronics and Computer Science
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University of Southampton Word Count: 1540

Hypermedia systems and hypertext have given a universal access to a big number of documents over the Internet, and the World Wide Web was the most successful and popular one to link the biggest amount of hypertext documents from all over the world, despite the existence of other sophisticated hypermedia systems in time. These systems specialized with richer navigation experience, and were competing with the W3. This report will be focusing on the aspects that enhanced and empowered the success and achievements of the World …show more content…

They are systems that are accessed from heterogeneous architectures like different operating systems [6]. One of the main aspects in open hypermedia system is that they have Link bases and Link services, but links and anchors are separated from the documents which allows an easier filtration and modifications for documents and files, since they have first class links as opposed to the World Wide Web which uses embedded links [6,8,9]. In Microcosm for example, you need to ask the system to see what links might be available from a specific document while W3 just shows all the links [6]. Microcosm architecture was similar to Dexter’s, it has a document management system that takes care of the structures within nodes, it has the presentation layer that is responsible for displaying the information and it has the link services which gives the links that are accessible from a document [6]. Parsing documents in Microcosm was done through decomposed filters which resulted in a complicated architecture regarding other systems that uses the client/server one, but it allowed a very rich model of linking especially with the generic link [6]. In addition, it allowed a flexible document processing since it has multiple link bases and had an integration with third-party applications [6]. Microcosm was designed as a desktop-based system for

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