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Proctoring is when an appointed individual, a proctor, supervises a student taking an exam. UoPeople requires proctored exams to properly verify and identify their students to meet the specifications of accrediting agencies. To ensure academic integrity, they need to confirm that the student who enrolled in the school and registered for the course is the same student taking the exam and earning the course credits. That way, the student’s academic record is an actual reflection of the student’s own knowledge. Not every course requires a proctored exam, but every UoPeople student has to take 5 courses requiring proctored exams when earning an Associate’s degree and 11 for a Bachelor’s in order to graduate. The student will not be able to graduate is they do not successfully complete them (UoPeople, 2016).

It is the student’s responsibility to appoint their own proctor when registering for a course requiring a proctored exam. Students have the choice to either take their proctored exams with Proctor U, an online proctoring service, or offline at another site. However, outlined in UoPeople’s (n.d.) “Proctor Instructions”, when choosing an offline proctor, they must meet the following criteria to be appropriately approved:
“1.1. Be at least 21 years old.
1.2. Be a reputable person of integrity (e.g. local …show more content…

The details and contact information of the chosen proctor will need to be entered by clicking the “add a proctor” link located next to the registered course. The student must also ensure that their chosen proctor confirms with UoPeople, through an email they will receive, that they will be proctoring the final exam. I will be using the online proctor, ProctorU, for my proctored exams. They are an approved online proctoring service that identifies and monitors the examinee through a webcam in the convenience and comfort of the student’s own home (UoPeople,

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