Essay On Pueblo Indians

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Pueblo Indians Tribe Have you ever heard about a Native American Tribe that has lived throughout the mid 1500’s and some are still alive to this date?Well this Tribe is called the “Pueblo Indians” after they found it in the mid 1500s.Their name came from a Spanish explorer named “Francisco Vasquez de Coronado” and when he found It he named it the Pueblo Indians.The Pueblo Indians are described as a peaceful and creative tribe by many archeologists that have studied this Tribe.The Pueblo Indians are known for their beautiful art and for their creativity of art.This is some of the background information of this tribe. The Pueblo Indians are Native American Indians who lived a really long time ago and have a really good tradition of farming.The Peublos have a tradition were they use art to celebrate holidays.Some of the the Pueblo Indians who lived long ago are the called the ancestors for the Indians.One other common name for the Pueblo Tribe is “Anasazi”.Pueblo In Spanish is for town or villag.The Pueblo Indian Tribe lived in houses or little huts that are made of stone,wood or are made of mud.How do find the difference between the houses of the Pueblo Tribe and the others;simple,the Pueblos have flat-roof houses and the others are roundish or pointy.The Pueblo tribe has lived in these types of houses for over 1,000 years.

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