Essay On Rain Prediction

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Fuzzy logic techniques for prediction of rainfall Rainfall is a stochastic process that depends on temperature, humidity and winds. To obtain accurate rainfall prediction the above said factors should be well maintained and controlled. For this purpose a number of methods have been proposed. Fuzzy inference is used for mapping I/P and O/P sets with a set of fuzzy rules. Fuzzy inference is performed in four steps fuzzification, rule evaluation, aggregation of rule outputs and then defuzzificztion. Fuzzy rule based model provides ductility in modeling the blurred relationship between input and output variables. Data mining techniques Data …show more content…

Works done using clustering techniques Clustering is a process in which cluster of homogenous objects are made on the basis of their similarity in logic and characteristics. Clustering methods involve partitioning methods, hierarchical agglomerative methods, the single link method (SLINK), the complete link method (CLINK), the group average method, and text based documents. This part of paper highlights works related to clustering techniques carried for weather forecasting in past: Kavita.P et al. used weather data set of Bangladesh to present a model for predicting the weather using K- means clustering by analyzing temperature at atmospheric pressures with 400 hpa, 500 hpa, and 700 hpa. Badhiye al. provided an approach using clustering techniques for future prediction of temperature and humidity. The clustering analysis was used to partition data by taking the similarity of objects into consideration. K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm was used. Absolute distance and Euclidean distance measuring was used to obtain distances between datasets in K- Nearest Neighbor algorithm. Sanjay Chakarborty et al. proposed a methodology for time series forecasting through clustering. Incremental K- means clustering was used for this methodology. Air pollution data was collected from “West Bengal air pollution control

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