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Reconstruction was a period which took place after the Civil War between 1865-1877, and it was a process by which former states of the Confederacy were “reconstructed” into the United States. Reconstruction was also a controversial period as the Blacks were not receiving the rights that they were promised due to which the Southerners were against Republicans, also the president, and the Congress did not agree on the same plan for Reconstruction. Reconstruction was a time in which America consisted of many leaders, goals, and accomplishments. Reconstruction did come to an end, but its outcome was distinguished as a failure, and as a success.
During the Civil War and Reconstruction era, the northerners were known as the carpetbaggers who
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This plan required majority of 1860 voters to swear loyalty oath to the union. The plan also asked new state constitutions to abolish slavery, military governors in five districts, repudiation of state debts, and ex-confederates were unable to vote. The Civil war ended on April 9th, 1865, and a week after Abraham Lincoln and his wife had been assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, when they went to watch a play at the theater.
On December 18th, 1865, the Congress abolished slavery by ratifying the thirteenth amendment. Slaves needed freedom, and equality to whites, in order to establish themselves in the Southern society. Even after the thirteenth amendment was passed, many whites still had blacks in captive as their slaves in the south, and everywhere else including the North, blacks were free. The Congress had also established the Freedman’s Bureau on March 3, 1865 to help former Black slaves and poor whites in the South after the Civil War. “Southerner whites resented this intuition, and their resentment reached sympathetic politicians in Washington, DC” (Of The People). The Freedman’s Bureau provided food, housing, and medical aid. It also offered legal assistance and established schools. According to, the Freedmen’s Bureau was known as the U.S Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandones Lands. The bureau was finally shut in 1872, after pressure from white Southerners.
After Lincoln’s assassination, Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s vice president, continued

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