Essay On Red Hunting Hat In Catcher In The Rye

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Sporting a plaid, red deer hunting hat, he would consistently pull the bill of the hat around to the back due to he insisted he looked better. The flaps would always stay down to cover his ears and would constantly be questioned why he was wearing a deer hunting hat when he was not hunting deer. Holden Caulfield, main character of J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, regularly dons a red deer hunting hat for the majority of the novel. The Catcher in the Rye is a coming-of-age novel showing how the main character spends his days between moving out of his private school and returning home to his parents in New York in his hunting hat. Caulfield must manage the constant changing of schools, underage drinking, and not following the crowd, …show more content…

Another standard Caulfield must abide by: the current drinking laws. Caulfield is an avid drinker at clubs and bars, nevertheless, waiters constantly do not serve him due to his age. While in his hotel bar, The Lavender Room, Caulfield attempts ordering a drink, “I ordered a Scotch and soda, and told him not mix--I said it fast as hell, because if you ham and haw, they think you’re under twenty-one and won’t sell you any intoxicating liquor. I had trouble with him anyway…” (90-91). Ordering a drink fast and not look like anything is wrong is the approach Caulfield takes when soliciting a drink from the bar; the waiter is no use though for he will not serve Caulfield without verification. A separate occasion of Caulfield acquiring alcoholic refreshments is at Ernie’s, a popular night club. At the same time of being seated, Caulfield orders a drink, certain he will not be carded, “I ordered a Scotch and soda, which is my favorite drink, next to frozen Daiquiris. If you were only around six years old, you could get liquor at Ernie’s, the place was so dark and all, and besides, nobody cared how old you were” (111). When showing up to Ernie’s, Caulfield knows he will receive alcohol as a result of the waiters do not verify your age.

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