Essay On Relapse Prevention

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Relapse prevention has not been steadily practiced or openly accepted as a form of treatment, until more recent years. It was originally introduced in the 1980’s, by Alan Marlatt, but was not held in the highest regard because the general concept or purpose of relapse prevention was not yet understood. However, as time passed, a better understanding of RP treatment has been established and both professionals and clients can better cope with relapse related issues without the overwhelming negativity that was once associated with it. Even though, different versions of RP have evolved through research by other professionals, the main goal of RP has remained the same, teaching individuals who suffer with addiction disorders and changing their behaviors how to foresee and cope with relapse (Donovan & Witkiewitz, 2012). Therefore, counselors and patients should be …show more content…

Triggers or cravings will vary among patients because they are derived from personal experiences, emotions, and daily situations. Quite often, these issues can be so generic they cannot be pre-determined and must be confronted as they occur or as they are re-experienced. Seemingly irrelevant decisions (SIDs) will affect most all patients at some point and patients should be urged to maintain high levels of awareness when making decisions because what seems like a small unimportant choice can lead to devastating outcomes on cessation efforts. Hence, some of the most effortless and innocent decisions have the ability to lure an addict back into the clutches of that ever welcoming but undesirable lifestyle they are seeking to leave behind. Therefore, developing skills that help identify and cope with these triggers and cravings more effectively is of the upmost importance in maintaining one’s personal level of

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