Republican Tax Cuts For The Rich Summary

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This article is about how economist don’t agree with the republican tax cuts for the rich. The author Noah Smith is stating “They don’t boost growth; they just add to deficits.” The article is making the case that there is a misconception that economist agree with tax cuts for the very wealthy. In the article the author highlights how keeping taxes high for the rich could be beneficial to economic growth, the author also provides with statistics that most economist would agree. “As republicans try once again to hand big tax cuts to wealthy Americans, it’s important to remember that professional economist are much more likely to side against them.” The author highlights information found in a 2013 paper by two economist surveying the U.S. …show more content…

With bringing your factories to foreign countries you get cheaper labor land and can avoid many taxes. The author’s title is “Economist have no use for republican tax cuts.” but could tax cuts benefit the United States Economy. If taxes are low for the wealthier especially business tax it could provide incentive for companies considering going overseas to stay. If these companies do chose to stay this would provide employment for many American’s, the companies would also be buying land which would also benefit the economy. Both tax cuts and tax increases could benefit or damage the Economy. One Article stated “‘The trade deficit with China eliminated or displaced more than 2.7 million U.S. jobs, over 2.1 million in manufacturing.’” Acknowledging that 2001-2011 is Bush and Obama era’s it can be understood that there are more factors to job loss rather than just taxes, because obama increased taxes while, bush cut them. With that being said it can be assumed that companies will go overseas regardless of most tax policies. Although If a large enough tax cut is provided maybe some companies will remain in the U.S.
In conclusion it can be recognized there is flaws and exceptional qualities for both tax cuts and tax increasing policies. With that said we can reasonably assume that republican tax cuts could be beneficial. If the Trump administration decides to impose a large enough tax cut, it is likely that

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