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Running records. Essentially a visual recording of the student’s reading word by word. It enables a teacher to identify the reading strategies the student may or may not be using and the types of errors the student makes while reading. These errors reveal what is going on in the student’s mind as he or she attempts to make meaning, or comprehend the text. To administer a running record, the teacher provides the student with a book judged to be at his or her current reading level. As the student reads, the teacher makes a series of specialized marks on a running record recording sheet. A checkmark indicates each word read correctly, and other special markings are used to indicate words that have been omitted, inserted or substituted with …show more content…

A flow chart can be as simple as a series of squares connected by lines with arrows indicating the sequence. In each square, the student writes one part of the story, summarized into a sentence or two. Even a student who is just beginning to learn English can draw a picture in each square (and can get a buddy or the teacher to help write a sentence to match). You might want to limit the number of squares students can use and model how to select only the important events of the story. For lower grades, give them only three squares and ask them to show something from the beginning, middle and end of the story. The visual nature of the flow chart helps the English learner better grasp and remember the sequence of events.

Using note cards with flowchart. Often students can remember parts of a story but have difficulty getting events in the right sequence. Give these students note cards to create their flow chart. They write something they remember from the story onto a note card, one idea per card, and when finished, they arrange the note cards into the correct sequence. This is an activity that can be done as a whole-group exercise or in pairs with partners helping each other with the sequence. In addition to arranging the cards in a flowchart, students can put them into columns labeled beginning, middle and end.

Beginning Middle End
Trojans steal Helen • Greeks sail to Troy
• Long, long siege Greeks build Trojan horse and win

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