Big Ideas and the Arts in the Classroom Essay

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The arts are included in the early learning standards in the domain of Cognitive Development and General Knowledge, and are a necessary and required component of quality early learning programs. Although the concept of “Big Ideas” per se has not filtered down yet to the field of early childhood education for all ages of children before the recognized, official, and standardized kindergarten learning programs implemented at age five, I expect that it will, and I am learning to plan lessons and activities according to this methodology (besides, the concept of applying “Big Ideas” is how I have been trained to plan during my last year of education courses here at FGCU, and it just makes sense to do it that way). As a Child …show more content…

Students will listen to a simple story (such as The Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks and the Three Bears), and then will re-enact that story using puppets to reflect the timeline of events and characters of the story. Sequencing also develops listening, observation, and memory skills, which are necessary for all areas of learning. “Sequencing is an important part of problem solving across subjects” (Reading Rockets). Big Idea 3 is a visual art activity that relates to the concept of spatial relations, a tenet concerning connections between physical features, “where or way in which something is situated” (The Free Dictionary). Spatial learning involves “the ability to mentally manipulate objects and understand spatial relationships, which are important in a wide range of tasks, including reading maps and graphs and understanding diagrams showing how to put things together” (Harms, 2012). These skills are critical in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields (Harms, 2012). Students will draw a picture on a poster board, cut the picture into 10 pieces to create a puzzle, and then put the puzzle together. Puzzle play is “an important context for figuring out problems through reasoning” (National Science Foundation). Big Idea 4 is a dance and movement activity that targets one-to one correspondence, a system fundamental to number sense and counting (One-to-one correspondence).

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