Essay On Simon Lord Of The Flies

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Simon’s spirituality has given him the ability to feel one with nature and find deeper meanings. Although the terrible events on the island have influenced the boys, Simon was able to rise above evil and remain his innate self. However, savagery and civilization together had destroyed Simon’s spiritual truth. Simon’s character is different from the boys on the island. After learning about Golding’s past I believe Simon represents hope for Golding and is someone he has always aspired to be. The characters in this book are in every one of us, but it is who we chose to be, that defines us. Simon was the only one able to recognize the truth about the beast. Through Simon, Golding’s message was that fear and shame are the biggest obstacles, but it is how we chose to overcome these beasts that matter. Simon was the only one who knew the truth, but after the boys kill Simon, it …show more content…

Simon is the name of one of Jesus’ twelve disciples and is continuously compared with Jesus throughout the book. Jesus was crucified for doing good and preaching the word of God. Similarly, Simon was killed for spreading the truth of the beast. However, he was killed just as Jesus was. Golding writes, “... dressed Simon’s coarse hair with brightness” (170).Through this diction, I depicted an image of a halo as if Simon was an angel of Heaven. Simon was not savage nor civilized but he is outside the spectrum because he is pure in heart and kind. Simon knows the only way to get over the fear of the beast is to face it. As the boys become more fearful, the beast becomes worse and Simon, being the only one knowing the truth, is killed. The message that I have taken away is we are not born good but taught to be good through society. We must learn to fight the beast within us or else once civilization is taken away we will revert back to our true and savage selves, unless we are innately good as

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