Essay On Slavery Vs Thomas Jefferson

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People commonly believe that Thomas Jefferson is a hypocrite, due to one of his most famous quotes is “all men are created equal”, he owned slaves and never released them. The topic over slavery and Thomas Jefferson is extremely controversial today in America.
In each excerpt, each author clearly addressed the issue of presentism. In Wilson’s excerpt he addressed the issue of presentism by, considering the time eras and the dilemmas that Jefferson had. He wrote that Jefferson knew that slavery was wrong, but freeing them when they had been slaves their whole life was not the correct answer. In Finkelman’s excerpt he addressed the issue of presentism, because he said “Jefferson fails the test’’. There was not a literal test, but based on …show more content…

I believe that Wilson’s argument was supported by the primary source documents. In the 3rd and 4th primary documents it shows Jefferson’s “understanding on why the slaves should be freed”, but it states why he believes it is better off the way it was at that point in time. I also believe that Finkelman’s argument was supported by the second primary source. Finkelman just had a different approach to the Thomas Jefferson and slavery than Wilson. Finkelman took into consideration everything that Jefferson stated in the all of the primary sources and came to the conclusion that Jefferson was a hypocrite. Finkelman has no understanding of Jefferson’s reasoning like Wilson did.
I believe that each historians had such a different interpretation of the Thomas Jefferson and slavery issue, because of their political views. I believe that Wilson is almost certainly a republican, while Finkelman was more than likely a democrat. For a while now in America, American’s have had split views on a great deal of things in history. For example the confederate flag. Republicans believe it is a part of our history and should remain, while democrats believe that it is racist and a way for discrimination to still be in America.
Based on the ethical standpoint that I chose, slavery is not tolerable or considered right in any given situation, I would interpret Jefferson as a coward when it came to slaves. I also believe that he was a hypocrite and a deceiver. Although he did decide

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