Essay On Sorcery To Lift A Curse

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It takes special kind of sorcery to lift a curse, especially one held over a restaurant site. The previous times I have dined at this location, the cooking and concepts may have been great, but after a short-run, things ultimately went kaput. For opposite reasons each time, this spot has kind of been doomed. It would, I thought, take Gandalf-like magic to turn this sorrow’s ear locale into a silk purse. But, Bottoms Up Gastropub and Tap founder, Mike Muniz may have reversed this hex. Tucked away on an aggressively average block in the Turtle Crossing Shopping Plaza, a wall of black glass begs for your attention…and a lighted sign. Open the door and descend into a cozily masculine-meets-industrial room. Muniz transformed this location’s …show more content…

The citrusy-tropical brew paired well with the dish, yet I would’ve liked the slab of pork to be a lot crispier. Not sure that I would order this app again, but I am not a huge fan of sweet flavors with my favorite crustacean. Next, I tried the Pear Bacon Crostini. Slices of toasted bread covered in grilled brie, orange goat cheese, candied walnuts, and grilled poached pears get topped with bacon jam and honey. If you’re wondering where to start, get this. The sweet, smoky yet earthy flavors left me craving a hefty glass of red wine and with six pieces per order, they are perfect to whet your fellow diners appetites. Moving on to the main course (or courses), I ordered the Bloody Mary Lobster Linguini, Brie Mignon and the popular Bottoms Up Burger. The lobster pasta reminded me of a take on a Gordon Ramsey creation and even though the menu warns you of its heat, I felt it wasn’t spicy at all. What shocked me was the presentation – a bowl full of noodles tossed in a marinara loaded with strands of carrot, celery and onions (hence the Bloody Mary, I presume) gets topped with a large, whole, shell on lobster tail. The pasta’s sauce was tasty, but I couldn’t keep my hands off that tail. There was a dollop of sweet chili butter that made me feel like the lobster was a separate dish-one that I didn’t want to share. The Brie Mignon is a house favorite. A tender filet gets sous

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