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One casual day in our house , I was watching to tv with my best friend Judith. She is very sweet girl she has light brown skin and hazel brown eyes. We knew eachother since we were in second grade. So, Judith and I were watching our favorite show spongebob with my little sister Marlyn,but we call her Mary for short.She is only six years old and she is almost my height. Well, when we were watching the show called Spongebob at the end of the show The producers said ,’’ Unfortunately the tv show Spongebob can no longer be here. If you like to change this you will have to call this number.” My little sister was sad and upset and kind of started crying I was sad and Judith felt the same way. My little sister sniffled and said as she …show more content…

Afterwards we went to Mr.Roberts house. We knocked at the door and he answered and we told them about what’s going happen to the tv show. Then he told us yes but it going to cost. We told him how much and he addressed,” It will be 500 dollars.’’ Our mouths dropped so the next day me and Judith started working in anything we can but in the afternoon because were had to go to college. So we earned about 50 each of us for a week. That would take us a long time so then we decided to do other stuff including working in helping clean up classrooms,doing lemonade stands and also Mary helped by selling chocolates that we bought for we can earn more money. Finally after three weeks later we went to Mr. Robinson house and we gave him the money and he finally agreed to help us. In the meantime we called the the same number but this time Mr. Robert called. The same man Mr.Robinson said,” How may help you?’’ Mr.Robert respose,” Yes, I would like to go to court because we want the Spongebob show back.’’ ‘‘ Okay so you are going have to go to Fresno to court for you can tell the judges to get the show back ,you have to be there at 6:30 p.m. and it's today.’’ Mr. Robinson,states. Eventually it came time and me,Judith and Mr.Robinson left Rodeo St. at 5:00 because it takes an hour and

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