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On November 1, my friend and I volunteered in Tellico during the Tellico Home Tour event. We were stationed in the Yacht Club to assit the Women’s Club to raise funds for themselves. To prepare for this we needed to look and be professional; we were required to wear dresses and associate with crowds of people. The Women’s Club had baked cupcakes for the people of Tellico to sample and then buy to support the club. While I was there, I helped set up displays for the cupcakes, I served food and drink, I convinced people to buy cupcakes to support the Women’s Club, and I also helped with the clean up after the selling event. It was beneficial to the community of both the Women’s Club and Tellico. The Women’s Club consists of no one under the age of fifty. It benifited them tremendously by having a younger person to stand long periods of time, help to set up and clean up faster, and someone to give the members a break when they started hurting or got tired. It relieved them from being exhausted. It also…show more content…
It benefited me greatly to be patient with the people I served even if they were unpleasant to me. If I had been rude, they probably would not have wanted to support the Women’s Club, and the Women’s Club probably would not have signed off on me doing my service hours. I also learned how stressful serving and trying to please everyone can be. It gave me a new respect for servers or event planners because their job is truly more difficult than it looks. Even though volunteering for the Women’s Club was tiring, it was an enjoyable time. I would be very happy to assicite the women of the club again. My friend and I made such an impression and did so well, we were invited to help out with their next event and to call upon them anytime if we ever needed to be recommended for anything. I truly loved volunteering for the Women’s Club and look forward to any future volunteer work I could do with
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