Essay On The American Identity

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The American Identity Americans have not only defined themselves by their religious, ethnic and racial identity, but also by their individual freedom and common values. America has become a nation where its people can fight for what they believe in. Our founding fathers have formed America to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Being apart of the American culture and living on the land founded by our leaders specifies the meaning of the American Identity. In my opinion, the American Identity is shown through the ideas of its people, and their willingness to take risks. The creation of The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were two ideas shown through the people. Americans were willing to take risks no matter the circumstances. Intelligence is a good way to define the American identity. A Constitution like ours has never been created before, but they drew on the ideas of other philosophers and political scientists. It was written to make fundamental laws and to regulate the basic rights of its citizens. With the creation of the government/constitution, they also created a couple of different plans. They created The Virginia Plan and The New Jersey Plan. The Virginia plan is a bicameral (2 house) congress, but votes are based off population and wealth. On the other side, The New Jersey Plan is a small state, unicameral (1 house) congress, but every state has one vote. Since both plans were different in certain ways a compromise was formed. The

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