Essay On The Battle Of The Bulge

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The Battle of the Bulge War is not always the easiest, some wars are deadly and others are simply a mind game between two sides. Wars contain battles within them. Although the Battle of the Bulge was not the deadliest battle in World War II, there were over a quarter of a million casualties. This battle took place in Belgium and in Luxembourg.n 1944, The Battle of the Bulge helped solve the conflict between the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allied powers (Great Britain, The United States, and The Soviet Union). This conflict affected the outcome of the war because it gave the Allied powers the upper hand by giving the Axis powers’ less troops to fight with and wasting the Axis powers’ final supplies they had during the war. This battle was the Germans last push during the war. The Battle of the Bulge was a battle that took place on December 16th, 1944 and ended in January of 1945. This battle was a cause of World War II. They were fighting because the Germans wanted to push the Allied troops towards northwestern Belgium. In the article, “Bravery at the Battle of the Bulge,” it explains that the Hitler was preparing 250,000 troops to launch Operation Mist. Operation Mist was the when the Germans stood in a “Bulge” formation in the forest to attempt to push back the Allied troops. At the time, there was the much bigger World War II, and the Germans were trying to get back some ground. They had previously lost a lot of ground and supplies to the war. They

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