Essay On The Big Man

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One day this little boy named Nick crawled up a giant tree that went all the way up into the clouds. When Nick got to the top he saw this scary looking castle. A tiny brittle sight, in front of the castle said keep out a giant lives here. The boy paid no attention to the sign. He walked in as the big doors creaked open. All he could see was blackness. Then he heard a loud shriek. Like a woman about to get murdered by her own husband. All it was was a bat shreking, because the giant was coming. The he heard a loud squeal like a pig getting butchered, but this time it was a pig. It was the Giant’s pig. The pig squealed louder. The pig got louder till the squeal sounded like it was right on top of him. The light flickered on all …show more content…

Then the monster did something that Nick would have never thought the monster would do. The monster took a big bite out of his wife’s leg. It was not good enough for him so he cut her up smaller than smaller. He fride her small pieces until they were crispy, all the way through her skin came off because she was cooked just right. Then he ate her, ate her. Just like that with no filings. When, he saw this all he could think was you monster how could you do this to your own wife? Nick shrieked at the sight he saw. He tried to hold it back but he let out a big scream. When the monster heard it he stood up straight.When Nick saw how tall the monster stand up he knew the was in big trouble. Nick started running. He ran into a room that he had never went into before. The light was on in that room. He could see all kinds of pictures hanging on the wall. When he remembered down where the lived they were all the missing people. Did the monster have anything to do with the missing people? Then he saw something move. Was it the monster? No it was one of the girls that was missing. When the girl moved it frighten Nick. When Nick was not scared any more he let out a frighten Are you ok? The girl said you should not be here it is to dangerous. Nick told the girl it is ok he was here to help her. When he went to where she was he saw more people.Nick asked if Nick gasped.He asked her what

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